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Wall lights are a great way to add light to dark corners of your home, as well as create a mood for dining or entertaining guests. They can also be used to highlight artwork, furniture, or even the outline of a doorway.

Our collection includes sconces with glass shades and metal shades, as well as antique-style wall lights with ornate details. We have many sleek modern fixtures that are simple yet elegant, as well as more dramatic pieces that are made with stained glass or crystals.

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Whether you want to create an atmospheric ambiance, provide additional illumination, or highlight the architectural features of your interior, our graceful collection of wall light fixtures is an ideal choice. From glamorous to classy, our collection comprises individual designs to fit any interior, from a luxurious living room to a cozy bedroom. The sumptuous finishes and meticulously polished elements of crystals aren’t just designed to provide light but also have a modern flair. Besides the exquisite character every LED wall light holds, our wall light fixtures are made of high-quality materials to ensure that your space will be illuminated for years to come.

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They're beautiful! I love em! They're the best looking lamps I've seen. I'm so glad I ordered them. When I look at them, they leave me speechless. Freaking awesome!!!

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Very satisfied with the goods. Excellent communication throughout the entire process. They were always in touch, always answered my messages and showed me how to track the item. Satisfied with the service.


I couldn't wait to install it after receiving it. The real thing is very beautiful. The bird is a gorgeous golden color. I can also rotate the direction of the birds, which is especially great for my restaurant.