4 Tips for Buying the Perfect Chandelier for Your Home

Chandeliers are an excellent way to give any space in your home a much-needed oomph. Few things can add elegance to a room and brighten it the way a chandelier does.

However, you shouldn’t just buy any chandelier you see, even if it looks amazing. The last thing you’d want is to buy a chandelier that isn’t right for a space. Here are some tips for buying the perfect chandelier from an online lighting store.

Assess the Different Kinds of Chandelier

For starters, be careful not to get confused with the different kinds of chandeliers available on the market. It isn’t just about having a nice lighting structure in your space. You must find a chandelier of the right shape, size, style, and proportions.

From the material used to manufacture the structure to the space it occupies in your room, there are various things to consider when assessing your choices. It is easy to get overwhelmed, so it is always beneficial to speak to a lighting expert to get advice on buying the perfect chandelier for your space.

Set a Budget

Since we are talking about buying the perfect chandelier, you need to set a budget. Chandeliers vary in price. You can opt for an expensive one or a bit more affordable one. Whatever you choose, it is important to stick within your budget. It can be beneficial to shop around and look for the perfect fit for your interior space.  

Evaluate Your Space

Chandeliers can work well in various spaces. They can be placed in bedrooms, foyers, living rooms, kitchens, or dining rooms. Your choice of chandelier will also depend on the kind of space you’d be placing it. The size of the room also plays an essential role. For spacious areas, such as living or dining rooms, you can opt for a large chandelier, while a smaller one could be ideal for your bedroom.

Get the Right Bulbs

Always remember that lighting from a chandelier that beams directly at a person can cast unusual facial shadows. The heat from bulbs can also make the space uncomfortable. Therefore, you must choose the right bulbs to extract the maximum utility from your chandelier.

Avoid high-wattage bulbs because they increase heat and can lead to significant table glare. You can always add a wall dimmer to control the light and ensure a cozier and more comfortable atmosphere.

The Berilune chandelier by Galileo Lights.


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