A Comprehensive Guide to Shopping for Home Lighting

Do I put pendant lights or recessed lights in my room? Am I putting too many lights? Is it fine to put chandeliers in a small room? Plenty of questions can be answered when you have a blank canvas of a new home or are remodeling your existing one. You’re truly spoilt for choices, and with a number of options, there’s a big chance that things can go south.

To help you choose the right lights and make your life simple, we have developed the perfect guide to help you shop for the ideal home lighting for the perfect place.


Lamps can either be free or fixed-standing units and are commonly used for accent or task lighting. They’re a mobile source of light and come in a variety of options. Adding a couple of lamps is the easiest way to spruce up an area. There are wall lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, and many other lamps. Don't hesitate to use lamps if you want to brighten up a certain corner or part of your room.


Recessed lights are an unseen light source — usually, they’re installed within a hollow opening in the ceiling or wall, giving the effect of light shining from a hole in the ceiling.


Want to light up the corner of a room or hit the spotlight on your favorite piece of décor? Use pendant lights — they’re used to enhance objects or the corner of a room. For instance, plants, pool tables, or even artwork.


When you want to add a dash of elegance and royalty while lighting up your space, use chandeliers. These ambient lights are very versatile and can be fixed in several rooms based on the purpose. They also come in a range of styles you can choose from while decorating your home.

 a flame floor lamp

Wall scones

Wall scones can either be used as a task or ambient lighting. They tend to give a polished, sleek look and are often used in living rooms, hallways, or bathrooms.

Ceiling lights

Looking for ambient lights that will brighten or illuminate a room by themselves? Don’t worry; ceiling light fixtures can help. They’re best used in spaces where you need unobstructed, clear lighting, like the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Hope this guide has helped clear your hesitations and will help you choose the best light fixtures for your home.

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